Revolutionizing Fluid Transfer: TODO-MATIC® Dry Break Couplings Unveil a New Era of Reliability and Safety

Fluid transfer processes, especially in industries dealing with oil, gas, and petrochemicals, demand a delicate balance between efficiency, safety, and reliability. TODO, with over 40 years of experience in the field, has emerged as a pioneer in dry-break coupling technology, offering a range of products that set new standards in the industry.

Unparalleled Expertise

TODO's dry-break couplings, including the renowned TODO-MATIC® range, are the culmination of over three decades of expertise in handling challenging fluids. The TODO-MATIC®, a market leader, played a pivotal role in introducing the NATO STANAG 3756 standard. This coupling is recognized for its versatility in managing a wide array of demanding applications.

Operator Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Safety is paramount in fluid transfer operations, and TODO-MATIC® dry-break couplings excel in ensuring operator safety. With minimal residual loss and virtually zero spillage, these couplings provide a secure and reliable means of transferring fluids. The reduction in leakage not only enhances operator safety but also contributes to higher profit margins for handlers by ensuring more product is delivered to customers.

Features & Benefits

The TODO-MATIC® dry-break coupling stands out as a 'best in class' product with the following features:

  • Available in sizes ranging from 1-6 inches.
  • Crafted from high-grade materials for durability.
  • Requires minimal operator intervention.
  • Capable of handling aggressive fluids.
  • Proven in various sectors for reliability.
  • Customization for Diverse Needs

TODO understands that different applications have unique requirements. Hence, all TODO-MATIC® dry-break couplings can be tailored to specific needs. Offering a range of metal and O-ring grades ensures that no application is beyond reach. Whether handling chemicals with 2" and 3" sizes configurations or working offshore with 4" and 6", TODO-MATIC® provides versatility.


Technical Excellence

Designed to operate under harsh conditions, TODO-MATIC® dry-break couplings remain reliable even after repeated use. The units boast a working temperature range of -20°C to +80°C (-4°F to +176°F), covering a broad spectrum of applications. Working pressures vary according to the material used, with the maximum working pressure reaching up to 25 bar (363 psi).


TODO-MATIC Applications

TODO-MATIC® dry-break couplings have found applications in various industries, facilitating the safe transfer of products such as potable water to hydrochloric acid. The minimal operator intervention required ensures efficient loading and unloading, be it on the road, rail, offshore rig, or ship.

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Caps, Plugs & Accessories

TODO complements its TODO-MATIC® tank and hose units with a range of caps and plugs designed to keep debris away from critical areas when connections are not engaged. The materials vary based on size and include options like aluminium, brass, rubber, and stainless steel. In collaboration with Action Sealtite, a leading distributor of TODO products, TODO-MATIC® dry-break couplings distributed by Action Sealtite further enhance the accessibility of these cutting-edge solutions.

As a trusted partner, Action Sealtite's commitment to delivering high-quality fluid handling products aligns seamlessly with TODO's mission to provide industry-leading solutions.

Together, they offer not only products but comprehensive fluid handling solutions, making collaboration with Action Sealtite a strategic investment in both safety and efficiency for major industries.

In conclusion, TODO-MATIC® Dry-Break Couplings represent a significant leap forward in fluid transfer technology. With a commitment to high standards, operator safety, and customization, TODO continues to shape the industry by providing reliable solutions for the most challenging fluid transfer applications.




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