Strengthening Partnerships: Successful Commercial Meeting and Training Session with IKM Flux in Norway

In a significant move to enhance our business collaboration and strengthen our presence in Norway, we recently conducted a fruitful commercial meeting with our official distributor, IKM Flux. The primary objective of the meeting was not only to discuss joint business strategies but also to provide comprehensive training to their workshop personnel on the servicing of our TODO's. This initiative is a pivotal step in expanding our reach and ensuring top-notch service offerings in the Norwegian market.

Training Session Overview: Accompanied by our Aftermarket Manager Ben and our Sales Manager Giuseppe Amara, our visit to IKM Flux included an intensive training session for their workshop team. Ben, with his expertise in the field, successfully trained a total of 16 individuals. The training covered various aspects of servicing our TODO's, focusing on technical proficiency, troubleshooting, and efficient maintenance practices.

Certification of Authorised Service Centre: As a testament to the commitment and proficiency displayed by the trained personnel, Ben issued a certification of Authorized Service Centre to all 16 individuals. This certification not only recognizes their completion of the training but also signifies their capability to provide expert service for our products. It is a mark of trust and quality assurance for IKM Flux as they embark on offering comprehensive servicing packages to their clients.

Benefits and Strategic Positioning: The successful training session has positioned IKM Flux strategically, putting them in an advantageous position to offer specialized servicing packages. With a team of certified professionals, they can now provide unmatched support and maintenance for our TODO's products, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Expanding into New Markets: One notable aspect of the training was the focus on smaller sizes, which not only enhances the skills of the workshop team but also opens doors for IKM Flux to explore other markets. The versatility gained through training on smaller sizes equips them to cater to a broader range of clients, further expanding their business horizons.

The commercial meeting and training session with IKM Flux in Norway mark a significant milestone in our business collaboration. By investing in training and certification, we not only strengthen our partnership but also empower our distributor to excel in servicing our products. This strategic move not only benefits both parties involved but also ensures that our TODO's couplings continue to be supported by a highly skilled and authorized service network in the Norwegian market.