TODO Aftermarket & Support

Regular servicing is key for maintaining peak performance from a TODO product. We provide a bespoke kit of parts that is matched to a customer’s application and working environment. This keeps transfer safe and effective, even when handling harsh or corrosive products.

Repair and seal kits are offered for all TODO-MATIC, TODO-GAS and TODO-45 aviation couplings, as well as fuel nozzles swivels and ball valves. They include O-rings, lip seals where appropriate, connection rollers and all other items prone to wear. Reset kits are also available for both NGX units, which include break pins, screws, a pairing O-ring and guide pin. These are essential for quickly resuming work after an unexpected pull-away incident.

TODO customers are also supported by a global network of certified service centres. These partnering sites are assessed to ensure our products are able to be serviced correctly. Staff are trained to disassemble, fit and reassemble TODO products, maintaining standards similar to when a unit first leaves our facility in Margate. Only sites that pass TODO’s strict assessment criteria are able to join the servicing network.