LPG Coupling Applications | Frequently Asked Questions

LPG can be dangerous if not handled correctly. That’s why it’s critical to use the right equipment when transferring and transporting bulk quantities of product. In this page, our TODO LPG experts attempt to answer your frequently asked questions.

What test pressures are applied to LPG products and accessories?

For hose units, 1.5 times working pressure is applied hydrostatically along with 0.2 and 6 bar air tests. Tank units and PTCs instead undergo 0.2, 2.5 and 25 bar air tests. This is done to comply with EN 14432.

What break-away ends are available?

The NGX break-away is available in threaded, flanged or welded ends for either loading arm applications or for solid pipe.

Can the TODO-GAS be specified as a four-inch coupling?

TODO does not offer a four-inch size for the TODO-GAS, but the TODO-MATIC coupling is available in four inches with Viton 90 shore O-rings if required.

Why choose TODO over other competitors?

There are two stand-out reasons. First, TODO offers increased safety in its two-inch tank unit through the use of duplex stainless steel. Second, the company’s dry-break valves offer superior performance for minimizing product loss upon disconnection.

How is the shearing mechanism guaranteed in the NGX break-away?

TODO carries out continuous type testing with various sizes of break pin. These are available in sizes ranging between 2.5mm and 4.5mm to provide the correct specification for each particular application.

What standard is used for coupling design?

There are a number of applicable EN standards. The most prominent among these for TODO’s design process is the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED). EN 14432 is also a standard closely adhered to for all transportable equipment.

What sealing material is used to achieve -45°C working temperature?

Seal code 51 is applied for reaching -45°C conditions. This is an VI895 grade of FKM 90 shore that maintains seal durability.

Can TODO achieve temperatures greater than 80°C?

Working temperatures can exceed 80°C on stainless steel couplings as long as the working pressure is adjusted accordingly.

Are gas couplings compatible with liquid or chemical couplings of the same size?

The three-inch TODO-GAS is compatible with the TODO-MATIC, but there is no cross-compatibility for one-inch and two-inch couplings.

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