Chemical Valves & Applications | Frequently Asked Questions

Chemical applications demand the highest degree of care and consideration. In this page, our TODO valve and coupling experts attempt to answer your frequently asked questions.

What test pressures are applied to chemical valves and accessories?

All products are tested hydrostatically at 1.5 times working pressure. Hose units are tested at 0.2- and 6-bar with air, while tank units and PTCs undergo 0.2-, 2.5- and 25-bar air tests. These procedures are carried out in compliance with BS EN 14432.

What is the delivery lead time for dry-break and Hastelloy materials?

This will depend on a case-by-case basis, as small quantities will differ in lead time compared to larger orders.

Should the break-away be fitted on the tank side or the hose side?

The NGX break-away should always be attached to the hose side, while ensuring it’s not fitted directly behind the unit as this can lead to health and safety issues in the event of a breakage. There should be at least a length of pipe or hose between the break-away and the unit to maintain a safe area of operation.

What are typical servicing parameters for chemical couplings and accessories?

For general chemical applications, TODO recommends a six-monthly service interval with either a seal kit or a repair kit depending on the condition of the hose and tank units in question. Seal kits provide all the O-rings necessary to carry out servicing and put the unit back into working order. However, if there is visible evidence of degraded parts then a repair kit is recommended.

Chemical applications must be treated with a high degree of caution. For more aggressive chemicals, TODO recommends shorter servicing intervals. From here, performance can be monitored and service time gradually adjusted.

Does TODO offer step files?

TODO can provide step files. The engineering team will need to be informed of the desired part to accommodate this request.

Are chemical couplings available in smaller sizes?

The smallest size available is 1”, though TODO does offer smaller connection sizes including 0.5” threaded or flanged connections. Spatial requirements make it very complex to make couplings any smaller. It’s for this reason that TODO offers smaller connection sizes as opposed to shortening the product itself.

Can TODO provide material certification for parts?

TODO performs 3.1 material search to offer full traceability, along with testing certification per order upon request.

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