TODO serve a range of complex and challenging applications. Vital consideration must be made when selecting products for use in these industries. Lead by our fuel systems experts, TODO have hosted many webinars in the past to better highlight what these considerations must be. Alongside these application based webinars we have also hosted several on the next generation of dry-break couplings and how our engineering teams have improved on already market leading designs and functionality. See below a selection of TODO’s series of webinars.




Launched in early 2021, TODO’s next generation of DRY-BREAK Couplings continue their long lasting tradition of innovation in the fuel coupling marketplace. Offering reduced service time, weight reduction, decreased pressure drops and TPED Π certification, the TODO II tank unit adaptors represent the latest generation of TODO Couplings following on from the incredibly successful and durable TODO-MATIC product range.


In this online session, our Global Product Manager will walk you through the new features and benefits of our latest tank unit adaptor, alongside its technical specifications.



In this online session, the TODO product manager will walk you through the specifications of the products available to you and how safety can be increased during the transfer of LPG and vapor products.


From material selection to aesthetics and ergonomic design, TODO place quality at the very center of every product design. TODO® products are also subjected to the most vigorous testing applicable to such equipment. Our products are certified to and abide by the rules of PED and ATEX, meaning that customers can rest assured that quality is guaranteed.

With a wealth of experience in chemical transfer applications, such as: sulphuric acid, nitric acid and diethyl ether to name a few, TODO® is confident that we can provide a product to suit almost any need.


Between TODO and EMCO Wheaton, Ingersoll Rand Transport Solutions provides a wider range of aviation fueling products. In this online session, we'll walk you through the specifications of the products available to you and demonstrate products that can save both time and cost in managing the fueling of your aircraft.


In this video you’ll learn about EMCO Wheaton & TODO’s extensive range of rail equipment as our Global Product Manager walks you through the specifications of products available to you and demonstrates how they can save you both time and cost in managing your rail fluid and gas transfer needs.