TODO has been providing solutions to the chemical valve market for decades. Our products are tried and tested in the field and able to handle even the most dangerous chemicals. The industry’s biggest names recognise that TODO stands for quality, as well as the ability to meet the wide-ranging demands of customers worldwide.

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Virtually Zero Spillage

Safety Factor

Flexible Product Configurations

Market-Leading Quality

Many chemical and petrochemical customers have used the TODO-MATIC DRY-BREAK and breakaway couplings. The robust design and material selection of these products guarantee even the most aggressive fluids are handled with ease. With virtually zero spillage, users can be assured of operator safety when using TODO chemical valve products.

Within our chemical valve and dry-break coupling product range is the TODO-MATIC and NGX Break-Away coupling, as well Pressure Tight Caps to add an extra level of safety to your installation.

Safety is our top priority during product design. When handling dangerous chemicals, you need to be certain that installed valves are designed with the highest-quality material selection and manufacturing principles.

Many of our chemical customers also opt to have a secondary safety feature installed on their TODO-MATIC® tank units when not in use. The TODO Safety Pressure Tight Cap can be added on a tank unit, protecting operators in the unlikely event of failure.

Our portfolio of chemical valve products includes a wide range of metal and O-ring grades. TODO customers can configure a TODO-MATIC and/ or breakaway to suit their needs.

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TODO has excellent industry connections. From O-ring groove dimensioning to material selection, we maintain our knowledge base through a network of industry contacts. This ensures products are always fit for purpose and aligned to the latest chemical application demands.

View our chemical application webinar below. In this online session, the TODO Global Product Manager talks in detail about the specifications of our chemical valves and couplings that are available and how safety can be increased during the transfer of chemical products. To watch more of our webinar series, visit our webinar hub.

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To maintain high standards, all products in the TODO chemical range are certified to the most stringent industry regulations:


Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)


ATEX compliance


Transportation of dangerous goods by road and rail

ISO 9001:2015

Quality management systems

Our Chemical Valves and Couplings