TODO offers a range of railway couplings and accessories. Whether it’s refuelling or transferral of a locomotive’s load, many recognise TODO as the best solution for safe transfer of fluids and gases.

Our range is certified by TÜV for use within the German rail car industry and most manufacturers and operators regard TODO as their supplier of choice. All TODO products are made using the highest-grade materials with longevity in mind and can be configured to suit a range of different applications. From potable water to hydrochloric acid, we are able to rise to any challenge in the field.

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Build Quality

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Virtually Zero Spillage

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The rail industry handles many different fluids and gases each day. TODO has developed a range of products ideally suited for these demands, be it direct refuelling or transferral of a locomotive’s load.

One of the most popular products in TODO’s rail range is the TODO-MATIC, a versatile dry-break coupling that has a maximum working pressure of up to 25 bar and is available in 1-6” sizes. However, most of our rail customers use either 2” or 3” units. The TODO-MATIC can be made from aluminium, brass or stainless steel – this ensures the most appropriate material is matched to its intended application.

The TODO-GAS Dry-Break Tank Unit is an ideal solution for rail customers handling LPG. This unit is specifically designed for loading/ unloading of both liquid and gas phases and is available in 1” and 3” sizes. High-grade stainless-steel construction ensures long repeat-use without reliability issues, even when handling the strongest chemicals. The TODO-GAS range is fitted with 90 Shore O-rings as standard to withstand the harsh conditions during LPG transfer.

Safety Pressure Tight Caps (PTCs) are another popular product in TODO’s rail range. These units are air-tested at working pressure of 25 bar prior to shipping and can be used as an official third point of closure. A red O-ring is installed on all PTCs to act as a visual warning indicator in the event of line failure. Caps fit all TODO-MATIC and TODO-Gas Tank Units.

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TODO II Tank Units are the latest addition to the rail range that will eventually replace the TODO-MATIC line. This new product offers improved serviceability, pressure drop and design features that will speed up loading/ unloading times. With lower weight and virtually zero spillage, the TODO II represents the next generation for rail car fluid and gas transfer.

View our rail car webinar below. In this online session, TODO’s Global Product Manager goes through our rail car product range and demonstrates how they can save customers time and money when transferring loads. To watch more of our series of webinars, visit our webinar hub.

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To maintain high standards, all products in the TODO rail range are certified to the most stringent industry regulations:


Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)


ATEX compliance


Transportation of dangerous goods by road and rail


Industry agreed cross-compatibility

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