Offshore TODO Dry-Break and Marine Breakaway Couplings

TODO has a long, successful history in the offshore sector and is one of the company’s largest markets. Our products have been specified by the oil majors for decades and are recognised for their reliability under tough conditions.

Offshore is a dangerous environment for operators and staff, not least when handling volatile fluids and gases, so it’s critically important to select the safest equipment. TODO’s range uses high-specification materials and prioritises safety during design to keep risk to an absolute minimum. Products also favour ergonomic design to ensure transfer is quick and effective.

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High-Grade Materials

Exceptional Build Quality

Reliable and Durable Design

Built for Extreme Conditions

In no other environment is safety more important than offshore, where drilling accidents are a constant threat and the only emergency response available is via helicopter. TODO is keenly aware of the dangers and emphasises reliability at every stage of its product development. The company uses the best materials, ergonomic design and a safety factor of 5:1 to ensure risk is kept to a minimum.

The TODO-MATIC Dry-Break is one of the most popular products for offshore use and specified by many of the oil majors. Popular in 4” and 6” sizes, the units are recognised for their versatility when transferring fluids and gases at sea. They are made with high-grade stainless steel – also available in aluminium and brass – to resist corrosion and are commonly supplied with Viton (FKM) seals. However, TODO can accommodate a number of different O-ring grades to meet even the most demanding applications.

Simple, intuitive design makes the TODO-MATIC
Dry-Break effective for use at sea. The male adapter is installed on one side of the line, usually to a tank or cistern, while the female coupler is found on the hose side. Operators must turn the hose unit 110° clockwise until fully coupled where flow is then commenced.

The NGX Marine Break-Away is another TODO product made specifically for the offshore market. It’s designed to protect equipment and product in the event of an accidental pull-away. Should an incident occur, the pins found within the unit shear, cutting the connection and preventing any spillage. However, the unit is unaffected by tidal motion as the pins will only break when exposed to straight pull-force. As with all TODO products, the NGX can be configured to match any system.

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TODO products are renowned for their long life even after heavy use. The company has shipped almost 1,000 couplings to offshore customers over the last three years and only one was returned.

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To maintain high standards, all products in the TODO offshore range are subject to stringent assessments from notified bodies. TODO products are certified or approved by:


Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)


ATEX compliance


American Bureau of Shipping

Our Dry-Break and Marine Breakaway Couplings