TODO is recognised as a leading provider of fuel transfer and distribution solutions across the aviation sector. Our range includes the TODO-45, which features an ISO 45 compliant ground unit and associated hose unit. While this product adheres to industry standard dimensions, it’s not used for under-wing refuelling.

However, it’s used extensively by fuel companies when loading and unloading at a fuel distribution centre, or when connecting fuel tanks to distribution vehicles on the airfield.

iso 45 compliant todo aviation couplers

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ISO-45 / MS24484 Compliant

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The TODO-45 can transfer product up to 3,000 litres per minute (790 gallon per minute) and has a maximum working pressure of 10 bar (145 Psi). It’s made of high-grade materials and has very few moving parts, making it very reliable even after repeat use. No levers or switches also makes it easy to use and there’s minimal residual loss upon disconnection.

TODO-MATIC Dry-Break couplings are used regularly by businesses loading and unloading aviation-grade fuels to vehicles for transport across the country. Aviation variant units contain no brass or any other red metals  to ensure there’s no contamination when handling Jet A1.

All TODO couplings are made using high-grade materials and designed for long life. The TODO-MATIC aviation variant has a maximum working pressure of 25 bar (362 Psi) and is available in 1”-6” sizes.

View our Aviation Webinar below. In this online session, our product experts run through TODO’s aviation range and explain the benefits for businesses handling different grades of fuel. To watch more of our TODO webinar series, visit our webinar hub.


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To maintain high standards, all products in the TODO aviation range are certified to the most stringent industry regulations:

ISO 45/ MS24484

Aircraft pressure refuelling connections


Industry agreed cross-compliability


Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)


ATEX compliance


iso 45 compliant aviation coupling todo

Our Aviation ISO 45 Compliant Couplings